About us

A smile for you and for Nepal

musumusu means smile in Nepali. Just like a smile gives happiness both to the person who gives it and the one who receives it, we would like to spread our musumusu collection out into the world. We are happy about the joy our garments will bring to you once you feel our delicate fabric hugging your skin. Because each musumusu article is handmade with love and deep gratitude from the people in Nepal.

Handmade and
unique knitwear

Soft and of highest quality

Our history and mission

Like a seed becoming a tree

17 years ago, Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel and Ludwig Stoffel visited Nepal and fell in love with the country and its people. They adopted 30 children and laid the foundation for the musumusu company with the aim to actively support women and young people in having better future prospects.

Today, the Stoffel family builds and manages independent production units for musumusu, establishing an almost entirely handmade production which respects the tradition of the country and ensures the special cares that cashmere needs. With the children holding 100% share of the production units, job opportunities for the Nepalese are being created where their skills, creativity and craftsmanship are highly valued. As a result, the locals can choose to continue living in beautiful Nepal that is so rich in culture and tradition rather than finding a job abroad and: You can discover the unique and high-quality products “Made in Nepal”.